Empower yourself in a blink of an eye with a-blinX.

Control the keyboard and mouse of Key-X

 Activate virtual keyboards and alternative communication software

 Turn on toys and other devices adapted for the disabled


a-blinX extends the communication options to individuals with severe motor challenges through the blinking of the eyes.

Just blink.

Designed to be simple: no buttons, no settings.


a-blinX is an adaptive switch triggered by the eyeblink. Just blink and control toys, computers and communication devices, like Key-X.  

What does a-blinX do?

• Detects the blinking motion through a sensor positioned on the frame of any pair of glasses (not included), with or without lenses.

• Beeps and outpus an electrical signal with each blink detected, sending commands to devices like Key-X or other assistive products via a P2 cable (included).

• If desired, it can be connected directly to the computer through the USB port, producing the effect of the left mouse button click at every eyeblink, without the need of an adapted mouse.

Whom may use a-blinX?

• People with severe motor or physical disabilities, such as quadriplegics resulting from spinal cord injury, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, consequences of stroke, among other;

• Schools and institutions that carry out specialized educational care;

• Clinics, doctor’s, offices, hospitals and rehabilitation centers;

• Occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists and health professionals who work in the area of rehabilitation;

Why a-blinX?

• It’s a perfect match for Key-X: with the a-blinX connected to Key-X, you can access 100% of the functions of the device (keyboard and mouse) using just eyeblinks.

• Multi-devices: even without the Key-X, a-blinX can be used in place of any adaptive switch, in any device that has an input of a P2 connector for command via momentary electrical contact, such as adapted toys and other assistive products.

• No need for adapted mouse: you can directly use a-blinX to control scanning software on your computer (such as the Microsoft Windows (TM) Virtual Keyboard, Mayer-Johnson’s Boardmaker (TM), among others) by connecting it directly to the USB port of your computer. In this case, each eyeblink will trigger a virtual click of the left button of the mouse on the computer’s screen.

• a-blinX can be easily operated even by children;

• The sensor is lightweight and is mounted on a semi-rigid stalk that can be adjusted to optimize blink detection;

Important notice

a-blinX does not come with eyeglasses frames – you should use your own (with or without lenses).