Easy. Functional. Simplix. Explore the fullest of Key-X capabilities to:

Scholar Inclusion
Alternative Communication
Learning and rehabilitation activities
Simplix is a computer software created to
improve the learning and communication
possibilities of Key-X users.

Inclusion and Communication. The Simplix way.

Conceived by pedagogists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, Simplix is a free computer software that makes Key-X even more useful in schools, rehabilitation centers or at home.

It was created to fulfill the needs of better assisting – and understanding – students and pacients with motor and/or intellectual disabilities.

What does Simplix do?

• Shows sets of objects on screen (pictures, words or sentences), each of them associated to the icon of one of the buttons of Key-X

• Lets you pick one object amongst those shown on screen by simply touching its corresponding button on Key-X.

• You can assign sounds, voices or music to each object, so that they play when the corresponding objects are selected.

• You can choose how many objects will be shown on screen at the same time (from one up to nine).

• It works great as an elementary alternative communication solution or as symbol-to-image matching game.


• The objects can appear on fixed or random positions on screen.

• Anyone can create their own sets of objects.

• Creating new sets on Simplix is as easy as, dragging and dropping image files from your computer to the program’s window! Check it out below:

Simplix for whom?

• Schools and institutions that provide specialized educational assistance;

• Hospitals, clinics and physical rehabilitation centers;

• Occupational, physical and speech therapists, as well as other health professionals who work with physical rehabilitation of people with disabilities

• Teachers, pedagogists, and other professionals that deal withscholar inclusion and students with special needs

• Individuals with physical, motor and or intellectual disabilities who face difficulties in learning and or communicating.

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